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The NRS POS helps you succeed in today’s challenging retail market

The NRS POS Helps Your Small Business Retail Store Grow

The National Retail Solutions point of sale system comes with everything your business needs to grow and succeed – plus you can choose from many Premium Feature Add-Ons, including Tobacco Scan Data, Age-Verification Scanning, POS-DVR Cam Integration, Item Modifiers, Employee Time Clock, Advanced Data and more.

NRS Point of Sale
System Equipment Details

Robust Point of Sale
Features and Hardware

The NRS Point of Sale comes with hardware components and features that help you organize and improve efficiency, plus lots of extra add-on bells and whistles to help you make more money:

Helping Independent
Retailers Succeed

Due to its versatility and reliability, the NRS Point of Sale system is being used in thousands of stores across the USA.

The “World’s Greatest POS System” is custom-built for businesses such as:

Upgrade your community convenience store or bodega with the versatile features of POS. Offer regular discounts at no extra cost through the BR Club Loyalty Program, exclusive to POS. We offer online training materials in English and Spanish that you can visit at any time.

Your grocery store or food market can benefit from POS through its compatibility with so many product types. The scanner and touchscreen interface make checkouts faster, improving customer satisfaction. An integrated scale will make POS+ even more efficient when you’re ringing up produce and other items priced by weight.

Liquor Stores POS can also help liquor stores of any size manage inventory and sales. The system records items in different departments to help you separate alcohol purchases from transactions with other products. It also gives you information about which alcohol products to invest in by tracking your sales and creating statistics.

With so many items available at your small retail store, you need an easy point of sale system that manages them all. POS includes multiple departments for your products and will allow you to add custom departments.

Plenty of vape and tobacco shops also take advantage of the benefits POS offers. The system will prompt you to check a customer’s ID when you sell age-restricted items like tobacco or vape products. You can also create custom barcodes for in-house products like loose-leaf tobacco and hand-rolled cigars.

A local bakery like yours can also take advantage of our POS system’s features. Add discounts for large purchases of cookies, rolls, and other baked goods to get them off the shelves faster.

We designed our basic point of sale system with small businesses in mind. It is compatible with various sales methods and allows you to sell both goods and services. POS gives businesses the tools they need to keep up with large chain stores, including point of sale equipment and easy-to-use interface.

The POS features tailored to community businesses can help your small dollar store keep prices low for customers. Run regular promotions and accept every major payment at an affordable rate.

Sell your fruit and vegetable store’s products with any preferred checkout method. Scan labeled products or use the integrated scale to price them by weight.

As the owner of a small deli business, you have to juggle multiple tasks every day. Your work involves managing, ringing up customers, serving, cooking, and cleaning. With features like an integrated scale, you can manage sales faster to take care of the rest of your job.

As a butcher shop or meat market owner, you surely work with multiple vendors to get the best meat. Track your relationships with these vendors for better negotiation and pricing.

POS has the versatility to help small, independent supermarkets with its broad range of features. The POS hardware price book comes loaded with thousands of UPCs from popular brands, reducing the need to add items. It will also let you add in-store products like hot foods that you can ring up with a quick scan or press of a button.

POS will let you easily ring up products and services with custom categories and one-click items. Add the beauty and hair salon sales to your transaction quickly and accurately.